How can excess proceeds benefit a person

Excess proceeds are the leftover amount that bank earns after selling a foreclosed home on auction. This money rightfully belongs to the homeowner and not the bankIn today’s times, we live in a world where we desire to get married, have children, and to own a home. Unfortunately, some financial storms may come along, and could be very difficult to keep up with mortgage payments. When this happens the bank has no choice but to take homes away from many struggling families through a process called foreclosure.

When the bank sells the house at a foreclosure auction, it might fetch more money than what a family owed. This extra money is called “excess proceeds.”
After losing their home, a family might not be aware of this extra cash which is waiting for them. This is where we need people like you to help recover these lost funds. You, equipped with knowledge about excess proceeds, can become a beacon of hope for families. By spreading the word, you’re helping these families reclaim what’s rightfully theirs – a chance for a fresh start!

This an opportunity to change someone’s life as well as your own life. Imagine the joy on a family’s face when they discover there’s a financial lifeline waiting for them, thanks to your knowledge and compassion. While you are developing yourself as a good steward, you will also earn 10% of all funds reclaimed. This is a great opportunity you, the hero, help set yourself up for financial freedom. It is important to note that this is a very daunting and time consuming process. Patience is the key, as this process can take anywhere from 90 days to 120 days, sometimes longer depending on the cases, for lost funds to be recovered.

Excess proceeds aren’t just about money; they’re about rewriting the endings of real-life stories, turning tales of hardship into narratives of resilience and triumph. By understanding and sharing this knowledge, you’re not just helping people financially but also becoming a hero in the real estate adventure of life.

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